Research Conference on Work, Social Policy, and Development

Awarded Scholars:
Gerry Rodgers, International Institute of Labor Studies
Project Date:
Nov 2006
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
Future of Work

Globalization has dramatically altered the social policies of affluent and developing countries alike. Many EU countries have rethought their welfare systems and labor regulations since the Thatcher era, in order to remain competitive as firms shift to low-wage countries. Meanwhile, Latin America has fluctuated between state-centered and free-market development plans, seeking to attract foreign investment while minimizing social disruptions. Gerry Rodgers, director of the International Institute of Labor Studies, an affiliate of the International Labor Organization, led a conference from November 29 to December 1, 2006 on changing social models in Europe and Latin America, and how global production is affecting local attempts to create decent work. The attendees debated questions such as: How are national social models in Europe and Latin America responding to the pressures of globalization? Are their social policies converging or diverging? What is the impact of regional integration on this process? How can policymakers and non-government actors work in tandem to achieve economic growth without sacrificing decent jobs for the least well-off? The panels featured case studies and comparisons of a number of industries and countries.


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