RSF Journal Conference: Improving Employment and Earnings in Twenty-First Century Labor Markets

Awarded Scholars:
Erica L. Groshen, Cornell University
Harry J. Holzer, Georgetown University
Project Date:
Jun 2018
Award Amount:

Labor market institutions and policies are key determinants of social and economic outcomes, including poverty, inequality and economic growth. Economists Erica Groshen and Harry Holzer will organize a symposium for an upcoming issue of the RSF Journal, “Improving Employment and Earnings in Twenty-First Century Labor Markets.” The issue will examine recent labor market trends and policies, and what they mean for future growth and inequality in earnings. Contributors will review recent trends and developments, and synthesize the research findings on their causes; speculate how these factors might shape labor markets in the coming years; and offer policy suggestions. They will also examine topics such as automation, immigration, trade, higher education, and worker-oriented institutions and policies.



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