Work and Future Society Working Group

Awarded Scholars:
Karen Lynn-Dyson, The Aspen Institute
David T. Ellwood, Harvard University
Project Date:
May 1998
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
Future of Work



The Aspen Institute's Domestic Strategy Group brings together influential figures from business, government, academia, the media, the non-profit sector, and labor unions with the aim of fostering new ideas about U.S. social policy. In an era when many of our familiar assumptions about work have been overtaken by economic events, the Domestic Strategy Group has come to share the Foundation's focus on understanding the changing nature of work. The Foundation provided financial support for a Domestic Strategy Group conference on this issue, organized by David Ellwood and Karen Lynn-Dyson of the Aspen Institute. One panel will discuss the difficulties of interpreting economic indicators and suggest ways to improve them. A second group of participants will look at the role public policy might play in encouraging the creation of good jobs paying decent wages. A third group will consider changes in the traditional relationship between employer and employee, going on to weigh new schemes that share profits with employees and involve them in managerial decision-making. The Russell Sage book resulting from this conference should enjoy wide circulation among government officials, corporate executives, academics, journalists and other interested parties.


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