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Praise for RSF Book 'Immigrants and Welfare: The Impact of Welfare Reform on America's Newcomers'

Rohan Mascarenhas, Russell Sage Foundation
October 13, 2011

In the September edition of Social Service Review, Manuel Pastor (University of Southern California) praises RSF's book Immigrants and Welfare for tackling the fundamental issues in the nation's immigration debate. He writes:

[The book] provides a dispassionate view of the evidence as well as a guide to understanding both intended and unintended policy effects. One hopes that policy makers and politicians will be equally thoughtful about the reality of America's immigrant population, the need to enhance integration, and the need to control future flow.[...] This volume is likely to become a standard on many research bookshelves and a welcome read in my courses on both social welfare policy and immigrant communities.

Read the full review here. (Subscription required.) You can also buy a copy of the book here, or read the first chapter below.

Chapter 1, Immigrants and Welfare, Ed. Michael Fix