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White Male Managerial Representation by Sector, 1966-2005

October 18, 2012

The figure below, taken from the RSF book Documenting Desegregation, reports sector trends in white male managerial representation. A score of zero indicates that a group is represented on average at the same rate at which its members are employed in local labor markets. A score of 40 indicates that a group is over-represented by 40 percent.

In all sectors other than social services, white men were over-represented in managerial jobs. All sectors showed an increase in white males' access to managerial jobs after 1966, but there was considerable variability in trajectories after the early 1970s. In 2005, white males' representation in management was lowest in retail trade and the three service sectors, which comprise relatively low-wage industries. You can analyze each sector by clicking on the chart's legend below.

Source:Authors' calculations based on data from EEO-1 surveys (EEOC, various years)