A Child Welfare Symposium

W. H. Slingerland
0.00 x 0.00 in.
153 pages
January, 1970
ISBN: n/a

Twenty five papers contributed as supplement to "Child Welfare Work in Pennsylvania", a cooperative study of child-helping agencies and institutions.

WILLIAM H. SLINGERLAND was a special agent in the Department of Child-Helping of the Russell Sage Foundation.

CONTRIBUTORS: Charlotte Abbey, Joseph A. Beck, William Bradford Buck, Iva E. Burr, J. Bruce Byall, Bele Chalfant, Thomas F. Coakley, Rudolph I. Coffee, William A. Credditt, Max C. Currick, Aaron D. Faber, Martha P. Falconer, Mrs. Henry Finkelpearl, Alexander Fleisher, James Struthers Heberling, L. Walter Mason, Bernard J. Newman, F. H. Nibecker, Mrs. E. A. Puncheon, Bertha Rauh, H.P. Richardson, William H. Slingerland, Edwin D. Solenberger, Roy Smith Wallace, Bromley Wharton, Frank D. Witherbee


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