Mass Deportations and the Future of Latino Partisanship

Publication Date:
Jan 2014
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The US government is deporting large numbers of undocumented migrants, the majority of who are Latinos. In addition to removing people from the country, these policies affect those who remain, including U.S.-citizen family members. In this paper we explore, with an experimental design, the effects of knowledge of deportations among second generation Latinos. In particular, we focus on evaluations of the Democratic and Republican parties. Only a minority of U.S.-born Latinos knows that deportations have been higher under President Obama than his predecessor. When apprised of this fact, Latinos view the Democratic Party as less welcoming. Consistent with prior research, these effects are weaker among more partisan or more politically engaged Democrats. However, U.S. Latinos include many weak partisans and independents, suggesting considerable scope for information effects among these potential voters. We conclude by discussing fluctuating partisan evaluations among Latino voters in the context of our results.


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