New Small Awards in Intergenerational Mobility in the United States

May 18, 2017

The Russell Sage Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the small awards competition on intergenerational mobility. The competition, led by RSF grantees Raj Chetty (Stanford University) and Nathaniel Hendren (Harvard University), invited proposals for research projects utilizing new data on intergenerational mobility from Chetty and Hendren’s Equality of Opportunity Project.

A first round of projects, awarded in 2014, encouraged researchers to use the data to obtain new insights on intergenerational mobility from population-based statistics. The second round funds projects that use the Equality of Opportunity Project to explore geographic differences in intergenerational mobility or explore how policies in areas such as education and housing can impact intergenerational mobility. The new projects are:

  • Ellora Derenoncourt (Harvard University) ­­– Did Great Migration Destinations become Mobility Traps?
  • Ryan D. Enos (Harvard University) – Do Public Works Programs Increase Intergenerational Mobility? Evidence from the Works Progress Administration
  • James J. Feigenbaum (Princeton University), Maximillian Hell (Stanford University), and Robert Manduca (Harvard University) – The American Dream in the Great Depression: Absolute Income Mobility in the United States, 1915-1940
  • Shomon R. Shamsuddin (Tufts University) – Estimating the Causal Impact of Affordable Housing on Intergenerational Mobility

Read the project abstracts in full.

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