RSF Partners with JPB Foundation on Biology and Social Science Initiative

September 11, 2018

The Russell Sage Foundation is pleased to announce the JPB Foundation as a partner in the special initiative on Integrating Biology and Social Science Knowledge (BioSS). This joint initiative supports new research and training on how individual biological processes interact with the social environment and influence the ways that social inequalities are initiated, maintained, and transmitted from one generation to the next. 

The JPB Foundation works to advance opportunity in the United States through initiatives that address poverty, enrich and sustain the environment, and support pioneering medical research. The BioSS collaboration will fund rigorous interdisciplinary studies that use new theories, concepts, and data from the biological sciences—including neuroscience, endocrinology, immunology and physiology, genetics and epigenetics—to advance our understanding of poverty and social inequality.

In 2019, RSF will launch a small grants program for doctoral students and recent Ph.D. recipients to support innovative and high-quality research under the new joint initiative. The initiative will also fund two summer institutes for early-career scholars in June 2019—the Summer Institute in Social Science Genomics and a Summer Workshop on Biological Approaches in the Social Sciences.

Read more about the BioSS special initiative.


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