RSF Journal Conference: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the the Kerner Commission Report

Awarded Scholars:
Samuel L. Myers, Jr., University of Minnesota
Susan T. Gooden, Virginia Commonwealth University
Project Date:
May 2017
Award Amount:

2018 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Kerner Commission Report, undertaken by the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. The Commission was established by President Lyndon Johnson in 1967 in response to successive summers of racial violence. Recent episodes of civil disorder and violent protests in cities related to police violence suggest comparisons with the 1960s protests.

For an upcoming issue of RSF, economist Samuel Myers and political scientist Susan Gooden will organize a conference and co-edit the issue on the fiftieth anniversary of the Kerner Commission Report. It will feature ten articles that will revisit the report, its findings, and recommendations in light of contemporary political realities, social structures, and policy debates. The focus of the issue will be on five substantive areas covered in the final commission report—education, employment, housing, police-community relations, and welfare—and will address: How far have we come? What worked and what did not work? What are the implications for the twenty-first century?


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