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Russell Sage Foundation Data

Welcome to the Russell Sage Foundation data archive. While the Foundation mainly provides support for analyzing data from publicly available data sets, it occasionally funds larger awards for data acquisition projects highly relevant to its program goals. The data from these projects can be found below. Each subject area contains links to files in multiple formats from the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).

Future of Work

This section contains data on the forces driving contemporary urban inequality.

Featured Data Set

Multi-City Study of Urban Inequality, 1992-1994: [Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, and Los Angeles]

Principal Investigators: Lawrence D. Bobo, Stanford University; James H. Johnson, Jr., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Melvin L. Oliver, University of California, Santa Barbara; Reynolds Farley, Russell Sage Foundation; Barry Bluestone, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Irene Browne, Emory University; Sheldon Danziger , Russell Sage Foundation; Gary Green, University of Wisconsin; Harry Holzer, Georgetown University; Maria Krysan, University of Chicago; Michael P. Massagli, University of Massachusetts, Boston; Camille Charles, University of Pennsylvania; Chris Tilly, University of California, Los Angeles

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The Russell Sage Foundation has sponsored several surveys to assess the long-range progress of today’s immigrants, including three large survey-based studies of second-generation immigrants.

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Featured Data Set

National Asian American Survey, 2008

Principal Investigators: S. Karthick Ramakrishnan, University of California, Riverside; Jane Junn, Rutgers University; Taeku Lee, University of California, Berkeley; Janelle Wong, University of Southern California

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Social Inequality

This section contains a survey from Martin Gilens on the link between inequality and political representation.

Featured Data Set

Economic Inequality and Political Representation

Principal Investigators: Martin Gilens, Princeton University

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