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What We Do Not Fund

The Russell Sage Foundation is an operating foundation dedicated to programs of basic social science research in three program areas: research on the future of work, concerned with the causes and consequences of the decline in demand for low-skill workers in advanced economies; research on current U.S. immigration that focuses on the adaption of the second generation to American society; and social-psychological research on improving relations among racial and ethnic groups in schools, workplaces, and neighborhood settings. Our limited budget makes it necessary for us to confine our grants to projects that fall within these announced areas of interest.

Our guidelines restrict us from giving grants for pre-doctoral study or research. We do not award scholarships or other types of grants for support of college funding.
We do not fund residential fellowships elsewhere. (See information about the Russell Sage Foundation Visiting Scholar Program.)
We are enjoined by IRS code from making general support grants to other institutions. Only specific project grants that further our declared program goals are permitted.
As an operating foundation carrying out our own programs of basic social science research, we are in a position to publish only those books deriving from the research that we support.