Spring 2017 Awards Approved in Core RSF Programs

March 17, 2017

Five new research projects in the Russell Sage Foundation’s Social Inequality, Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration, and Future of Work programs were recently approved at the Foundation’s March 2017 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Social Inequality

Christian R. Grose (University of Southern California) will study the extent to which elected officials’ personal financial interests influence their legislative decisions, and how those policy decisions shape income inequality.

Alexander Hertel-Fernandez (Columbia University) and Theda Skocpol (Harvard University) will study how wealthy donor networks shape the politics of both the left and right and ultimately influence public policy.

Future of Work

Katharine Abraham and John Haltiwanger (University of Maryland at College Park) and Lee Sandusky and James Spletzer (U.S. Census Bureau) will develop and analyze new linked datasets in order to study recent trends in non-standard work.

David Pedulla (Stanford University) and Devah Pager (Harvard University) will study the extent to which organizational policies and practices shape patterns of hiring discrimination across firms.

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

Phillip Atiba Goff (John Jay College of Criminal Justice) and Tom Tyler (Yale University) will collect original data at the national and local level to investigate racial disparities in attitudes about crime and trust in the police, and analyze how these disparities are associated with patterns of crime and policing.

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