The ABC of Exhibit Planning

Evart G. Routzahn
Mary Swain Routzahn
Paperback or Ebook
314 pages
January, 1918

This book, the first in the Russell Sage Foundation’s Survey and Exhibit Series, was published in 1918. It studies the use and effectiveness of exhibits as a means for presenting social science research. Particular importance is placed on the initial stage of exhibit production, detailing the scope, purpose, and methods behind successful exhibits. The ABC of Exhibit Planning presents suggestions as to how an exhibit can best disseminate information to as many people as possible, drawn from the authors’ experience and observations of over hundreds of various exhibits in different stages of development.

EVART G. ROUTZAHN was associate director of the Department of Surveys and Exhibits at the Russell Sage Foundation.

MARY SWAIN ROUTZAHN was director of the Department of Social Work Interpretation at the Russell Sage Foundation.


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