Visiting Scholars Program

The Russell Sage Foundation has established a center where Visiting Scholars can pursue their writing and research. Each year, the Russell Sage Foundation invites a number of scholars to its New York headquarters to investigate topics in social and behavioral sciences. The Foundation particularly welcomes groups of scholars who wish to collaborate on a specific project during their residence at Russell Sage. While Visiting Scholars typically work on projects related to the Foundation's current programs, a number of scholars whose research falls outside the Foundation's active programs also participate.

These research projects, and other work conducted by the Visiting Scholars, constitute an important part of the Russell Sage Foundation's ongoing effort to analyze the shifting nature of social and economic life in the United States.

If you are interested in applying to be a Russell Sage Foundation Visiting Scholar, please see our guidelines on how to apply.

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The Russell Sage Foundation offers grants and positions in our Visiting Scholars program for research.


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