America's Scorecard: The Historic Role of the Census in an Ever-Changing Nation

Other External Scholars:
William Maury, United States Census Bureau
Project Date:
Dec 2003
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
2000 Census

The history of the United States Census is a rich one, dating back to the nation’s founding. Since 1902, a permanent Census office has been in charge of collecting and analyzing important information about American demographics.

In accordance with its longstanding commitment to scholarly analysis of the U.S. census, the Russell Sage Foundation is cosponsoring a symposium entitled "America's Scorecard: The Historic Role of the Census in an Ever-Changing Nation." Organized by William Maury, Chief Historian of the Census Bureau, the conference aims to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the Census Bureau’s activities and its impact on scholarly work, the news media, the actions of Congress, and the public at large. It will highlight and promote public discussions regarding the tensions, trade-offs, and value choices inherent in the bureau's work, as well as encourage useful interaction among the Census' staff and its users.


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