Capturing Dynamic Civic and Ethnic-Racial Socialization Processes in Asian American Families

Awarded Scholars:
Hyun Su Cho, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Project Date:
Jul 2022
Award Amount:

Asian Americans are often perceived as invisible, voiceless, and politically uninvolved in U.S. society. Past research has revealed that Asian Americans have interest in understanding the U.S. political system, being civically involved, and are more likely to support the Black Lives Matter movement. However, how their civic beliefs and behaviors develop has not been explored, especially within a family context. Developmental psychologist Hyun Su Cho will examine how Asian Americans’ understandings of race/ethnicity and U.S. politics impacts the civic engagement of Asian American families. She will observe parent-adolescent interactions as they discuss social and political issues relating to race and racism for her study.


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