The Future of the American Worker

Awarded Scholars:
Steven Greenhouse, New York Times
Project Date:
Sep 2015
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
Future of Work

The American workforce has been subject to dramatic changes over recent decades, including a decline in the influence of traditional labor unions, and a growth in part-time work. These developments have been the focus of comprehensive academic research. However, little in-depth research on changes in organized labor and new forms of organizations has been written for general or college-level audiences.

Former New York Times labor reporter Steven Greenhouse will write a book examining four broad issues affecting the labor market: 1) the state of the American worker; 2) the rise and decline of labor unions and what the effects are for the nation’s workers, economy and politics; 3) the rise of alternative, non-union worker advocacy groups; and 4) recommendations on what strategies and models might be pursued to improve the labor market outcome of workers. The book will examine what has happened to workers, focusing on the history, importance and decline of unions.


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