Immigrant Peers and the Short-Run Academic and Long-Run Outcomes of US-Born Students

Awarded Scholars:
Briana Ballis, University of California, Merced
Derek Rury, University of Chicago
Project Date:
Mar 2023
Award Amount:

This grant is co-funded with the Carnegie Corporation.

Prior studies have investigated the short-run impacts of immigrant peer exposure, but little is known about their longer-run impacts on adult academic (e.g., major choice, college enrollment) and non-academic outcomes (e.g., labor market earnings and political party affiliation). Economists Briana Ballis and Derek Rury will examine the extent to which exposure to immigrant students affects short and long-run educational and labor market outcomes of Texas-born students. They will utilize data from the Texas Education Association, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the Texas voting records for their study.


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