Inequality and Exchanges in Black Families: Exploring the Trajectories of Emerging Adults as They Juggle Post-College Life and Kin Ties

Awarded Scholars:
Yolanda Wiggins, San Jose State University
Project Date:
Mar 2022
Award Amount:

Sociologist Yolanda Wiggins will conduct a follow-up study to her previous research on intergenerational exchanges between college students and their families. In this study, she will reinterview the 51 young adult children and 45 of their mothers from the initial study to investigate the following questions: 1) how Black young adult children and their families provide support to one another; 2) how these forms of support have increased or decreased in the five years following college; 3) how students’ and mothers’ expectations of earning a college degree align or do not align with their current realities, and 4) how these differences vary by class and gender among Black young adults and their family members.


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