Intersectional Politics? How Women Negotiate Their Identities and Why It Matters Politically

Awarded Scholars:
Bianca Vicuña, University of California, Los Angeles
Project Date:
Jul 2022
Award Amount:

Most social movements organize around single identities. Yet members of these groups often hold several identities that they consider important (e.g., race, gender, class, and religion). This intersectionality can make it difficult for social movements to fulfill the needs of their members when they organize around single identities, and race-focused and gender-focused movements often fail to properly address the complex needs of women of color. Political scientist Bianca Vicuña will examine how Black, Latinx, and White women negotiate their race and gender identities when deciding whether to join interracial groups that address gender inequality. She will conduct surveys with Black, Latinx, and White women to better understand their attitudes about how to most effectively address issues that they face.


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