Measuring and Understanding “New Work” and “Displaced Work”: New Technologies, New Markets, and New People

Awarded Scholars:
Giovanni Peri, University of California, Davis
Gueyon Kim, University of California, Santa Cruz
Project Date:
Jun 2023
Award Amount:

A key process through which labor markets can adjust to changing technology, markets, and populations is the creation of “new work” (e.g., a Data Warehouse Architect) and the shedding of “disappearing work” (e.g., a Newsboy). Economists Giovanni Peri and Gueyon Kim with graduate student researcher Cassandra Merritt will examine the ways in which work is being re-shaped by new technologies, new markets, and population changes. They will conduct textual analysis of job titles from 1980 to 2010 using the Dictionary of Occupation Titles, the Census Bureau’s Classified Index of Industries and Occupations, and the Sample of Reported Titles and Alternate Titles in the O*NET database for their study.


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