New and Alternative Directions for Learning

Other External Scholars:
Robert Slonim, Case Western Reserve University
Roberto Weber, Carnegie Mellon University
Project Date:
Apr 2004
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
Behavioral Economics

Research on how people learn in economic environments has burgeoned in the last ten years. Scholars in the fields of game theory, neuroscience, and other disciplines have explored the mechanisms by which people acquire and integrate new information for use in markets and interpersonal behavior. However, there has been little collaboration between the different fields.


To address that fissure, Roberto Weber and Robert Slonim are convening a conference in August 2004 at Carnegie Mellon University entitled New and Alternative Directions for Learning Research. The conference will bring together a group of junior and senior scholars who have produced innovative work on learning, with an emphasis on research from the areas of economics and game theory. A total of 18 speakers will present their research on diverse topics such as artificial intelligence, the neurobiology of learning, and learning in networks. Slonim and Weber will compile a summary of the conference proceedings for possible publication in an economic journal.


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