PHLRentAssist-Direct Evaluation

Awarded Scholars:
Sara Jaffee, University of Pennsylvania
Vincent Reina, University of Pennsylvania
Project Date:
Dec 2022
Award Amount:

Housing instability is associated with numerous negative outcomes for adults and children, such as increased material hardship, limited healthcare access, and lower educational attainment. Housing assistance, including vouchers, is associated with improvements in these outcomes. However, the largest housing program, the Housing Choice Voucher program, is complicated, inflexible, and has administrative burdens for recipients. Psychologist Sara Jaffee and public policy scholar Vincent Reina will evaluate the impacts of PHLRentAssist-Direct, a pilot flexible cash assistance housing program, on housing stability, income stability, employment opportunities, and other outcomes. They will analyze administrative data from the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation, the Philadelphia Police Department, and the Philadelphia School District for their study.


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