The Politics of Rebuilding Ground Zero: Planning, Power, and Press

Other External Scholars:
Lynne Sagalyn, Cornell University
Project Date:
Jun 2007
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
September 11 Initiative

After the terror attacks of September 11, the Foundation invited a number of economists, sociologists, and political scientists to analyze the effects of the attacks on the city’s social, economic, and political life. The working group subsequently produced three volumes, including, Contentious City: The Politics of Recovery in New York City. In that volume, urban planning expert Lynn Sagalyn contributed an essay on the emotionally charged planning process for redevelopment of the World Trade Center site between 2001 and 2004. With an award from Russell Sage, Sagalyn will now write a book that expands her analysis to the implementation of the rebuilding plan.


Sagalyn will explore the politics of rebuilding in the years since 2004, paying particular attention to the fragmentation of political coalitions as the rebuilding plan is implemented, as well as the role of the press in shaping the rebuilding process. Her research will draw upon a wide range of sources including public documents, reports, press releases, and speeches. These primary documents will be supplemented by personal interviews with journalists, business and real estate figures, and government officials. Publication will coincide with the 2010 dedication of Memorial Plaza at the World Trade Center site.


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