Psychosocial Consequences of SES Mobility among Black Americans

Awarded Scholars:
Courtney Thomas Tobin, University of California, Los Angeles
Project Date:
Mar 2021
Award Amount:

This project will evaluate the psychosocial consequences of social mobility among Black Americans. Three research questions will be addressed: First, how does social mobility shape goal-striving stress and life satisfaction among Black Americans? Second, does goal-striving stress explain the link between social mobility and life satisfaction? Third, what factors condition the impact of social mobility on goal-striving stress and life satisfaction? By evaluating the psychosocial consequences of social mobility through the examination of goal-striving stress and life satisfaction, this study advances prior work on the cost and benefits of social mobility among Black Americans.  Moreover, clarifying the ways that early life context and adult characteristics shape social mobility and its impact on these quality of life outcomes among Black adults may provide important insights needed to develop more effective social and economic policies to reduce racial inequalities.


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