Reporting Census 2000: A Guide for Journalists

Other External Scholars:
Stephen Doig, Arizona State University
Project Date:
Nov 1998
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
2000 Census

The decennial census should be a rich source of news stories, ranging from the redistribution of political power in Congress to subtle issues of racial self-identification. For journalists on tight deadlines with no specialist training, the wealth of data contained in the census may not be easy to unlock. With support from the Russell Sage Foundation, Stephen Doig, of Arizona State University's Cronkite School of Journalism, has established a website, Reporting Census 2000: A Guide for Journalists, to help journalists take full advantage of the census findings. It introduces journalists to the basic statistical tools and concepts needed to access and interpret census data. It provides background information about the census, including the questions the census asks, the way it classifies the population, and sources of error in census estimates. Doig, a former reporter for the Miami Herald, also suggests possible angles for stories and provides a useful set of links to other publications, sites, and census experts. The site will be regularly updated to stay abreast of key events in the census calendar, such as the release of new figures, legislative redistricting, and the reapportionment of seats in Congress.


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