RSF Journal Conference: Anti-Poverty Policy Innovations

Awarded Scholars:
Lawrence M. Berger, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Katherine Magnuson, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Maria Cancian, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Project Date:
Oct 2016
Award Amount:

Co-funded with the Robin Hood Foundation

Lawrence Berger, Katherine Magnuson and Maria Cancian—all affiliated with the Institute for Research on Poverty—will organize a symposium and co-edit a forthcoming double issue of the RSF Journal on anti-poverty policy innovations. The journal issue will feature fifteen articles that offer innovative policy proposals intended to reduce poverty in the short- and/or long-term or improve economic well-being. Each article will focus on a specific social problem and/or population group. The issue aims to set the anti-poverty policy agenda for the next decade or more by presenting responses to current and emerging poverty-related problems, organized around six areas: child allowances; cash transfers; employment-related policies; post-secondary education; housing support and food security; and family planning and two-generation supports. 


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