RSF Journal Conference: New Developments in American Job Quality

Awarded Scholars:
David R. Howell, New School
Arne L. Kalleberg, University of North Carolina
Project Date:
Feb 2018
Award Amount:

Co-funded with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Recent studies have documented an increase in alternative work arrangements, especially among workers hired through contract firms. While some nonstandard jobs may be good ones—such as well-paid consultants who have high control over the terms and conditions of work—most such jobs are characterized by low pay, low security, and poor working conditions. Economist David Howell and sociologist Arne Kalleberg will organize a symposium for an upcoming issue of the RSF Journal on the recent rise of low-wage jobs and nonstandard work arrangements. The journal issue will focus primarily on the expansion of low-wage jobs, especially among younger workers, and the increase in nonstandard jobs such as temporary help agency workers, on-call workers, contract workers, and independent contractors or freelancers.


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