School Context and the Racialized Trust Perspectives of Black Youth

Awarded Scholars:
Brittany Fox-Williams, CUNY Lehman College
Project Date:
Mar 2021
Award Amount:

This study will examine the racial dynamics of trust in schools, with an emphasis on the perspectives of Black youth. Scholars recognize the value of trust for social mobility and collective action, but they overlook trust as a key dimension of educational inequality. Fox-Williams’ previous research demonstrates that student–educator trust is a positive predictor of students’ academic outcomes. However, Black students report the lowest levels of trust in their educators compared to students of other racial groups. The researcher will use a multi-site, large-N interview design to investigate the underlying mechanisms connecting school context, trust, and the educational outcomes of Black students attending urban high schools. The project will also examine educational strategies for fostering trusting school climates for Black students. This study will result in a book manuscript, tentatively titled "Getting to Trust: Race, Relationships, and Achievement in Urban Schools."


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