Second Generation Immigrants in the European Union and the United States

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Jun 2007
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Second generation immigrants in the E.U. and the U.S. are coming of age in a time of deindustrialization, rising income inequality, and increasing xenophobia. A paucity of comparable data on the second generation makes it difficult to gauge how these groups are coping with social and economic conditions in their adopted countries. To address this problem, political scientists John Mollenkopf and Maurice Crul will convene three teams of European and American immigration researchers at a conference in Bellagio, Italy from September 19-23, 2007. With an award from the Foundation, the scholars will compare their preliminary findings on second generation outcomes and put together papers for an edited volume to be published by RSF. Conference attendees are senior researchers from one of the following three projects: the Immigrant Second Generation Metropolitan New York Study (ISGMNY); the Immigrant Intergenerational Mobility in Metropolitan Los Angeles Study (IIMMLA); and The Integration of the European Second Generation (TIES).


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