Social and Economic Inequality: The Role of Law, Markets, and Social Structure

Other External Scholars:
Emma Coleman Jordan, Georgetown University Law Center
Charles Ogletree, Harvard Law School
Project Date:
Mar 2006
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
Social, Political, and Economic Inequality

Increasingly, legal scholars and empirical social scientists have collaborated to examine social issues and possible legal responses. However, little cooperative work thus far has been done on inequality. As a result, many social scientists have an overly simplistic view of the law’s ability to be put in place, interpreted effectively, and used to combat inequality. At the same time, legal scholars have a poor grasp on the empirical research done on inequality. In order to forge a better connection between these groups, Emma Coleman Jordan has organized a conference that would bring together economists, sociologists, and legal scholars to discuss inequality in four dimensions: education, the workplace, property ownership, and assets. Jordan will edit a cross-disciplinary volume stemming from the conference.


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