Social Research Conference on Corruption

Awarded Scholars:
Arien Mack, New School University
Project Date:
Feb 2013
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
Non-Program Activities

Russell Sage will support the 30th anniversary conference of the Social Research Conference Series.

In 1988, Dr. Arien Mack of New School University founded the Social Research Conference Series (SRCS) to increase public understanding of critical and contested issues by exploring their broad and historical contexts. Since its inauguration, twenty-nine conferences have covered a variety of innovative topics, including the role of fairness, the political uses and abuses of fear, and the U.S. religious-secular divide – conferences, which have previously been supported by the Russell Sage Foundation. As the thirtieth anniversary event in the SRCS, Mack proposes holding a conference titled "Corruption" in the winter of 2013. The conference agenda will focus on what corruption means in its political and historical contexts, discussing both U.S.-specific and global dimensions of the problem of corruption, as well as potential solutions.

The conference will be divided into three sessions: 1) Understanding Corruption: Social and Historical Dimensions of Corruption; 2) Corrupt Systems: Government, Labor, and Markets; and 3) Possibilities for Reform. Social Research conferences routinely draw audiences of 300-800 people, and provide an additional opportunity for viewers to watch the event live on the internet. The conference papers will be edited and published first in a special issue of the journal Social Research.


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