Toulouse Summer Institute on Economics and Psychology

Other External Scholars:
Jean Tirole, University of Toulouse
Project Date:
Feb 2005
Award Amount:
Project Programs:
Behavioral Economics

As part of an effort to encourage the development of behavioral economics in Europe, the University of Toulouse in France will hold its first Summer Institute on Economics and Psychology from June 16-24, 2005. The institute is designed based on the Summer Institute in Behavioral Economics run by the Behavioral Economics Roundtable every two years for U.S.-based researchers. The Toulouse Institute will include 30-35 participants, about half of whom will come from European universities and the other half from North America. Courses will be offered on a variety of topics including neuro-economics, self-regulation, the theory and practice of experiments, and the economic implications of cognitive research on decision making. The goal of the Summer Institute is to educate young scholars and to generate dialogue and greater cooperation between European and U.S. researchers. The Foundation is sponsoring the Institute along with the European Network for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics


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