What is the Spillover Effect of Large Firm Entry on Skill Demand in Local Labor Markets?

Awarded Scholars:
Alaa Abdelfattah, University of California, Davis
Project Date:
May 2023
Award Amount:

This grant is co-funded with the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research.

Since 1990, government spending on firm-specific subsidies has tripled, reaching $46 billion in 2015. These subsidies are often offered by local and state governments to encourage the development of new manufacturing plants and headquarters in specific locations, yet little is known about how these large subsidies and subsequent million-dollar plant (MDPs) openings affect local labor markets. Doctoral student in economics Alaa Abdelfattah will investigate the impacts of opening MDPs on local labor markets. She will analyze job posting vacancy data from Lightcast, a labor market analytics website, for her study.


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