Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Survey (L.A.FANS), Restricted Neighborhood Observations Data, 2000-2001

Principle Investigators:
Anne R. Pebley, University of California, Los Angeles
Narayan Sastry, University of Michigan

This study is a restricted data file of data from the L.A.FANS Neighborhood Observation Study, an in-person observational by trained L.A.FANS interviewers of the census blocks on which L.A.FANS respondents lived during L.A.FANS Wave 1. Interviewers were trained to walk each block face and record social and physical observations on precoded check sheets. Each block face was observed by several different interviewers working independently at different times of the day and week. These data are designed to be used with L.A.FANS Wave-1 survey interview data restricted versions 2.5 or 3 to provide data on the census block and census tract in which individual respondents lived.

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