Spring 2018 Presidential Authority Grants

June 15, 2018

The Russell Sage Foundation recently approved the following Presidential Authority grants in the Behavioral EconomicsFuture of Work, and Social Inequality programs, and grants in the special initiatives on the Social, Economic, and Political Effects of the Affordable Care Act and Immigration and Immigrant Integration

RSF also approved a conference for an upcoming issue of RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences and supplemental funding for an ongoing project by Dina Okamoto (Indiana University) and Helen Marrow (Tufts University).

RSF Journal Conference

Erica L. Groshen (Cornell University) and Harry J. Holzer (Georgetown University) will organize a conference for an upcoming issue of the RSF Journal, “Improving Employment and Earnings in Twenty-First Century Labor Markets.”

Behavioral Economics

James J. Prescott (University of Michigan), Dean Karlan (Northwestern University), and Adi Leibovitch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) will evaluate the effects of case order on judicial decision making.

Kai Barron and Teodora Boneva (University College London), Stephanie Heger (University of Sydney), Paolina Medina-Palma (Texas A&M University), and Silvia Saccardo (Carnegie Mellon University) will organize the 2019 Early Career Behavioral Economics Conference.

Future of Work

Susan J. Lambert (University of Chicago) and Anna Haley (Rutgers University) will study the implementation of scheduling legislation by frontline business managers.

Eliza Forsythe (University of Illinois) will examine the extent to which increases in the local minimum wage affect the wage and occupational structure of the local labor market and within establishments.

Social Inequality

Annette P. Lareau (University of Pennsylvania) will conduct a study of high net worth individuals to better understand the processes through which economic elites transmit their wealth across generations.

Anita L. Zuberi (Duquesne University) will examine the role of landlords in determining housing opportunity for low-income households.

Heather D. Hill (University of Washington) will investigate the experiences of low-wage workers in Seattle during the implementation of the Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance.

Immigration and Immigrant Integration

Allan Colbern (Arizona State University) will work on a book project that examines the history of sanctuary policies in the United States. Co-funded with theCarnegie Corporation.

Social, Economic and Political Effects of the Affordable Care Act

Virginia W. Chang and Siwei Cheng (New York University) will analyze the extent to which the Affordable Care Act has influenced women’s marital transitions. Co-funded with theRobert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Daniel Hopkins (University of Pennsylvania) and William R. Hobbs (Northeastern University) will conduct a new study examining public attitudes toward the Affordable Care Act. Co-funded with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


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