Visiting Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and Former Visiting Scholar Betsy Levy Paluck Named 2017 MacArthur Fellows

October 11, 2017

L–R: Nikole Hannah-Jones; Betsy Levy Paluck

Current visiting journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones (New York Times magazine) and former visiting scholar Betsy Levy Paluck (Princeton University) were among the twenty-four individuals awarded MacArthur Foundation fellowships on Wednesday. MacArthur fellowships are given annually to individuals of "of outstanding talent to pursue their own creative, intellectual, and professional inclinations."

Hannah-Jones is a staff writer at the New York Times Magazine focusing on segregation and other forms of racial injustice. At the foundation, she is working on a book about school segregation that connects the very founding of common schools to the present-day educational landscape and argues that our schools are not broken but operating as designed.

Paluck is a psychologist at Princeton University. During her time as a visiting scholar at RSF (2011-2012), she studied social norms and behaviors among high school students in the United States, exploring how "cultures of harassment" develop among students and the extent to which certain students were effective at spreading tolerance among their peers.

Read the announcement from the MacArthur Foundation.


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