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Welcome to our bookstore. The titles below are listed in alphabetical order. To find a book by a specific author, please enter the author’s name in the search box in the right-hand column. Please click on book titles for additional information about each title.
  1. Ebook - $0.00
    Evart G. Routzahn
    Mary Swain Routzahn
  2. Consequences of Diversity in Federal Evaluation Studies
    Hardcover - $27.50
    Irene Nagel Bernstein
    Howard E. Freeman
  3. Hardcover - $32.95
    Charles P. Smith
  4. How New Immigrants Do in American Schools, Jobs, and Neighborhoods
    Paperback - $29.95
    Hardcover - $37.50
    Michael J. White
    Jennifer E. Glick
  5. Entries and Exits
    Hardcover - $39.95
    Jon Elster
  6. Advocacy and Change in a Government Agency
    Hardcover - $38.50
    Philippe Nonet
  7. Ebook - $0.00
    Hastings H. Hart
  8. Paperback - $21.95
    Hardcover - $61.00
    Richard H. Thaler
  9. The Development of the Policy Sciences
    Hardcover - $21.95
    Peter DeLeon
  10. After Admission
    From College Access to College Success
    Paperback - $22.50
    Hardcover - $29.95
    James E. Rosenbaum
    Regina Deil-Amen
    Ann E. Person