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Special Series

RSF Special Series

The Russell Sage Foundation currently publishes several book series including the American Sociological Association Rose Series in Sociology, the Russell Sage Foundation Census Series, the National Poverty Center Series, the Roundtable Series in Behavioral Economics, and the Russell Sage Foundation Series on Trust. Please click on the links to the right to learn more about ongoing and completed book series.
  1. Family Consequences of Children's Disabilities
    Paperback - $27.50
    Dennis Hogan
  2. Nurturing Dads
    Social Initiatives for Contemporary Fatherhood
    Paperback - $35.00
    William Marsiglio
    Kevin Roy
  3. Social Movements in the World-System
    The Politics of Crisis and Transformation
    Paperback - $39.95
    Jackie Smith
    Dawn Wiest
  4. Tiny Publics
    A Theory of Group Action and Culture
    Paperback - $32.50
    Gary Alan Fine