Rights and Permissions


Classroom and Academic Photocopy Permissions Requests
Contact the Copyright Clearance Center at www.copyright.com

Reprint Requests
Russell Sage Foundation has partnered with Copyright Clearance Center's Rightslink® service to process your requests to republish Russell Sage Foundation copyrighted content quickly and easily through our website. To submit your request, please follow these simple instructions:

  • Locate the Russell Sage Foundation book content online via our search engine or by browsing our website
  • Click on the link for "Rightslink" under "Rights and Permissions" on the right side of the page.
  • Create a Rightslink account (a two-step process) if you haven't already
  • Select your reuse or reprint preferences
  • Accept the terms and conditions


Problems Using or Linking to Rightslink?
Call Copyright Clearance Center at (877) 622-5543 and ask to speak with a Rightslink customer service representative.

Image or Figure Permissions
Check the book to make sure the image or figure you wish to reproduce has not been credited to another source, either on the page, on the copyright page, or in a credit section of the publication. The Russell Sage Foundation can only authorize material for which it holds the copyright. For material copyrighted by another person or organization, you will need to secure permission directly from the cited source. For more information contact the US Copyright Office.

Requests for Use by Print-Disabled Students
To obtain electronic files for print-disabled students, please visit Bookshare® at http://www.bookshare.org. Bookshare® provides a free accessible online library for people with print-disabilities. Russell Sage Foundation does not provide electronic files for print-disabled students. All requests must be made through Bookshare®.

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