Policies for Exam and Desk Copies

Desk Copy Policy
We are happy to provide complimentary electronic desk copies of books that have been adopted as required texts for courses. Instructors who wish to place an order for a desk copy may fax their requests to us at (212) 371-4761 or e-mail pubs@rsage.org

Please fax on departmental letterhead, and along with the book information, please include the name of the course, the expected enrollment, and the contact information for the bookstore where the order was placed. For books that are under consideration and have not yet been adopted, please see our examination copy policy. Instructors may request one desk copy for every ten books ordered. Electronic desk copies will be sent only after we receive confirmation that the order has been placed.

Exam Copy Policy
Instructors who wish to consider Russell Sage Foundation books for course use should send their requests on departmental letterhead, stating course name, estimated enrollment, and decision deadline. Requests for books must be accompanied by payment (check, money order, or credit card information) and are available at a 20% discount. A full refund will be issued if notification is received within 60 days that 20 or more copies have been ordered for classroom use and the order is confirmed or if the examination copy is returned in good condition.


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