Viewing your RSF eBook - Detailed Instructions

Viewing LockLizard Safeguard Secure PDF Files

This is how you register your license to access documents published by Russell Sage Foundation.

There are two steps: installing the viewer (if you have not done so already), and registering your license.

Installing the Viewer (Windows)

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Save the Safeguard PDFViewer program to your disk.
  3. Double-click on the program to run the installation process.

Installing the Viewer (Mac)

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. The download will ask you to confirm the download process, and when you confirm, the install pkg will be downloaded into your downloads area. At the same time the installation process will start and the installation wizard will guide you through the process.

Registering your license

Before viewing a protected PDF file (a PDC file) for the first time, you must register your license. If you do not register, you cannot view protected documents.

To register, double-click on the attached license file (.llv) in your email application and select the Open option.

If your email application does not let you open attachments, save the license file to disk and double-click on it to register.

NOTE: The license file is also attached in .zip format, as some email clients either block or corrupt the .llv attachment. If you find that the .llv file has been renamed, corrupted, or is missing, then double-click on the attached zip file and double-click on the license file it contains.

Viewing Protected Files

Once you have installed and registered the viewer you can now view LockLizard protected PDF files (.pdc). To do so double-click on a .pdc file in Windows File Explorer.

Be aware that your use of files may be restricted depending on the security controls that have been applied to the document.

Any Problems ?

If you have any difficulty registering your license or viewing protected PDF files then please check the online troubleshooting guide

If your problem is not covered here then please contact us at

The Lizard Safeguard Viewer manual can be downloaded from


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