The Nurse and the Mental Patient

A Study in Interpersonal Relations
Morris S. Schwartz
Emmy Lanning Shockley
Paperback or Ebook
297 pages
January, 1956

Written as a guide to nurses who work with mental health patients in the development of skills to meet everyday problems and to improve their understanding of the emotional as well as the physical needs of the persons under their care, this 1956 book addresses problems such as: nurse and patient fears; patient aggressiveness; the demanding, withdrawn, or delusional patient; patients with suicidal tendencies; and those who have eating difficulties. Case material and actual conference recordings are used to illustrate the subject matter under discussion, drawn from a research project of one author and from the extensive practical experience in psychiatric nursing of the other author. The book develops an approach to understanding these problem situations and methods of resolving them for the patient’s benefit and improvement.

Morris S. Schwartz and Emmy Lanning Shockley, with the assistance of Charlotte Green Schwartz


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