Trust Recent Awards

Robert Sampson, Harvard University 
"Network and Community Dynamics of Working Trust: A Comparative Panel Study of Institutional Leaders, 1995-2002" 
November 2004, $124,405 
Project Description
Richard Sosis, University of Connecticut, Storrs 
Bradley Ruffle, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 
"Trust, Religion, and Signaling" 
November 2004, $165,854 
Project Description
Jonathan Baron, University of Pennsylvania 
"Trust in Computerized Decision Aids" 
April 2004, $15,000 
Project Description
Robert Slonim, Case Western Reserve University 
"Trust and Selective Discrimination" 
December 2003, $30,801 
Project Description
Avner Ben-Ner, University of Minnesota 
Louis Putterman, Brown University 
"The Determinants of Trusting and Trustworthiness" 
November 2003, $83,982 
Project Description
R. Thomas Boone, St. John's University 
Ross Buck, University of Connecticut, Storrs 
"The Communication of Trustworthiness: Affect Expression as the Mechanism" 
June 2003, $136,456 
Project Description
Daniel N. Posner, University of California, Los Angeles 
James Habyarimana, Georgetown Public Policy Institute 
Macartan Humphreys, Columbia University 
Jeremy M. Weinstein, Stanford University 
"Ethnic Identity, Collective Action and Trust: An Experimental Approach" 
June 2003, $197,754 
Project Description
Margaret Foddy, Carleton University 
Toshio Yamagishi, Hokkaido University 
"Group-Based Trust in Strangers: A Program of Cross-Societal Research" 
June 2003, $114,732 
Project Description
Markus Mobias, Harvard University 
Dean Karlan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Tanya Rosenblat, Wesleyan University 
"Trust and Social Networks" 
June 2003, $131,900 
Project Description
Peter Kollock, University of California, Los Angeles 
"Trust and Trustworthiness in Commodity Business Markets" 
May 2003, $34,439 
Project Description
Gabriella Montinola, University of California, Davis 
"The Sources of Trust in Local Courts in a Low-Trust Setting" 
May 2003, $20,349 
Project Description
Felix Oberholzer-Gee, University of Pennsylvania 
"The Speed of New Ideas: The Role of Trust in the Diffusion of New Technologies" 
January 2003, $18,893 
Project Description
Gary Charness, University of California, Berkeley 
Martin Dufwenberg, Stockholm University 
"Trust and Communication in Partnerships" 
November 2002, $125,726 
Miles Hewstone, University of Oxford 
Ed Cairns, University of Ulster 
Alberto Voci, University of Padua 
Ulrich von Hecker, Cardiff University 
"Sectarian Conflict and Cross-Community Trust in Northern Ireland" 
November 2002, $199,824 
Carol Heimer, Northwestern University 
"Trustworthiness and Trust in Medical Treatment and Research: An Ethnographic Study of the Effects of the 'Legal Turn' in Medicine" 
October 2002, $33,600 
William McEvily, Carnegie Mellon University 
"Measuring Trust in Organizational Contexts: Review and Recommendations" 
September 2002, $10,700 
Kenneth Rotenberg, Keele University 
Michael Boulton, Keele University 
"Development of a Generalized Trust Belief Scale for Young Children" 
June 2002, $22,200 
Project Description
Robert Kurzban, University of Arizona 
"Trust and Information-Seeking in a Public Goods Game" 
June 2002, $32,371 
Marilynn Brewer, Ohio State University 
"Depersonalized Trust and Collectivist Orientation" 
June 2002, $23,866 
Philip Hoffman, California Institute of Technology 
Gilles Postel-Vinay, Ecole des Hautes Etudes 
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, University of California, Los Angeles 
"Trust Supporting Institutions and Economic Growth: Local Credit Markets in France, 1740-1899" 
June 2002, $146,694 
Chaim Fershtman, Tel Aviv University 
Uri Gneezy, University of Chicago 
"Trust and Discrimination in Segmented Societies: An Experimental Approach" 
June 2002, $191,475 
Larry Bartels, Princeton University 
"Conference on Trust in Government" 
March 2002, $8,500 
James Andreoni, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
Larry Samuelson, University of Wisconsin, Madison 
"Building Trust by Starting Small: A Behavioral Economics Analysis" 
January 2002, $128,915 
Project Description
Andrew Whitford, University of Kansas 
William Bottom, Washington University 
Gary Miller, Washington University 
"Trust in Principal-Agent Negotiations: Can Gift-Exchange Minimize Efficiency Loss?" 
January 2002, $112,398 
Project Description
Mark Lubell, Florida State University 
"Trust and Cooperation in Watershed Management" 
December 2001, $117,043 
Project Description
Bruce Carruthers, Northwestern University 
"Historical Study of Trust and Credit in the United States" 
November 2001, $20,100 
Project Description
Kathryn Miller, Stanford University 
"Commerce and Captivity: The Role of Trust in the Redemption of Captives Across Religous and Political Boundaries" 
November 2001, $25,250 
Project Description
Melanie Green, University of Pennsylvania 
"Development and Perception of Trust in On-Line Relationships" 
October 2001, $12,608 
Project Description
Robert Wuthnow, Princeton University 
"The Role of Trust in Social Service Delivery" 
June 2001, $196,867 
Abigail Barr, Oxford University 
"Trust, Trustworthiness, and the Dynamics of Trustfulness" 
June 2001, $24,990 
Thomas LaVeist, Johns Hopkins University 
"Mistrust of the Medical Care System" 
June 2001, $19,997 
Margaret Levi, University of Washington 
"In Unions We Trust" 
February 2001, $25,008 
Project Description
Jonathan Baron, University of Pennsylvania 
"Can Consequence-Maximizing Authorities Inspire Trust?" 
November 2000, $25,000 
Project Description
Iris Bohnet, Harvard University 
Steffen Huck, University of London 
"Trustworthiness and Institutions: A Theoretical and Experimental Analysis" 
November 2000, $78,821 
Project Description
Diego Gambetta, University of Oxford 
Michael Bacharach, University of Oxford 
Heather Hamill, University of Oxford 
Roderick M. Kramer, Stanford University 
"Signaling and Mimicking Trustworthiness: Taxi Drivers and Their Customers in Dangerous Cities" 
November 2000, $109,364 
Project Description
Alan Miller, Hokkaido University 
"Limitations of Survey Research on Trust" 
November 2000, $19,350 
Project Description
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, University of California, Los Angeles 
"Trust and the Growth of Financial Intermediation in France, 1740-1900" 
July 2000, $25,000 
Dietland Stolle, McGill University 
"The Political and Social Role of Families in the Creation of Generalized Trust" 
June 2000, $25,000 
Project Description
William T. Bianco, Penn State University 
"The Microfoundations of Political Trust" 
June 2000, $47,071 
Project Description
Margaret Brown, Washington University 
"The Social Organization of the Malagasy Vanilla Trade: Examining the Role of Trust in a Recently Liberalized Market" 
June 2000, $19,320 
Project Description
Susan Stokes, Yale University 
"Trust and the Consolidation of Democracy" 
June 2000, $121,394 
Project Description
John Brehm, Duke University 
Scott Gates, Michigan State University 
"Trust Within Public Bureaucracies" 
November 1999, $30,832 
Project Description
Nancy Burns, University of Michigan 
Donald Kinder, University of Michigan 
"Trust and Democratic Politics" 
November 1999, $194,193 
Project Description
Karen S. Cook, Stanford University 
Roderick M. Kramer, Stanford University 
David Thom, Stanford University 
"Reciprocal Trust in Patient-Physician Relationships: Managing the Transition from Individual to Group Trust" 
November 1999, $24,500 
Project Description
Jean Ensminger, California Institute of Technology 
"Examining Trust, Cooperation, and Fairness: A Cross-Cultural Study Using Experimental Economics" 
November 1999, $119,238 
Project Description
Kevin McCabe, University of Arizona 
Daniel Houser, University of Arizona 
Vernon Smith, George Mason University 
"Trust and Reciprocity in Interpersonal Exchange" 
November 1999, $102,391 
Project Description
Piotr Swistak, University of Maryland at College Park 
"Trust, Rationality, and Social Structure" 
November 1999, $15,070 
Project Description
Toshio Yamagishi, Hokkaido University 
"Risk Taking and Trust Building" 
November 1999, $24,300 
Project Description


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