Racial Bias in Policing Working Group


  • Phillip A. Goff, University of California, Los Angeles
  • John Dovidio, Yale University.
  • Delores Jones-Brown, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY
  • Jim Sidanius, Harvard University
  • Samuel Sommers, Tufts University
  • Thomas Tyler, New York University


The Russell Sage Foundation's Working Group on Racial Bias in Policing integrates experimental and survey research with unprecedented access to police personnel data to shed light on how, why, and when race influences police decisions, and how law enforcement agencies might change their officer recruitment, hiring, and training decisions to reduce racial bias. In partnership with police departments across the country, the group now studies three topics: the causes and consequences of racial profiling, the implications of requiring local police to enforce immigration laws, and the effects of organizational equity measures on police behavior and effectiveness. 

Research Consortium

Co-founded by Phillip Atiba Goff of UCLA, the Consortium for Police Leadership in Equity (CPLE) pairs police departments with world-class social scientists to provide rigorous, independent, and well-informed research on the most fundamental questions about equity in law enforcement.

Contract for Policing Justice

The Contract for Policing Justice is an agenda for research on legitimacy and effective policing, the goal of which is to provide a roadmap to ensure effective and unbiased law enforcement. It is divided into three sections, which reflect the three areas that conference participants identified as most pressing: unwarranted disparate police treatment of minorities; immigration and immigrant community issues; and internal legitimacy within police agencies. Each is a critical area urgently in need of rigorous research.