RSF Trustee and Grantees Discuss Behavioral Science On Freakonomics Radio

November 3, 2017

RSF trustee David Laibson, RSF grantees Katherine Milkman and Angela Duckworth (University of Pennsylvania), and RSF Behavioral Economics Roundtable members Richard Thaler (University of Chicago) and Daniel Kahneman (Princeton University) all appear on a recent episode of Freakonomics Radio, "How to Launch a Behavior-Change Revolution."

In the episode, the guests discuss the potential of behavioral economics for changing society. The field was pioneered by Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky, and Richard Thaler, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics. The Russell Sage Foundation was an early supporter of behavioral economics. As Kahneman states in the segment, "The very first grant that Eric Wanner gave when he became president of the Russell Sage Foundation was for Dick Thaler to spend a year with me in Vancouver."

For their RSF-supported project, grantees Milkman and Duckworth are studying whether bias interventions in the workplace can help reduce workplace inequalities related to race and gender. Their ongoing initiative, Behavior Change for Good, partners with other organizations to "run large-scale field experiments focused on improving daily decisions in education, health, and financial savings."

Listen to the segment above or visit the Freakonomics site.


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