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Over 40 million Americans live in poverty with limited opportunities for upward mobility. With an economy characterized by large numbers of unstable and low-wage jobs, a fraying social safety net, and stagnant wages, what public policy reforms might increase the number of low-income families and individuals out of poverty? This special double issue of RSF, edited by poverty researchers Lawrence M. Berger, Maria Cancian, and Katherine A. Magnuson, includes many innovative, evidence-based anti-poverty policy proposals crafted by leading social science researchers and policy analysts. The policies proposed in these issues provide an evidence-based blueprint for anti-poverty reforms that would benefit millions of people in need.

RSF Journal  

Anti-poverty Policy Initiatives for the United States

Volume 4, Issues 2 and 3

Edited by
Lawrence M. Berger, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Maria Cancian, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Katherine Magnuson, University of Wisconsin–Madison

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Anti-poverty Policy Innovations: New Proposals for Addressing Poverty in
the United States
Lawrence M. Berger, Maria Cancian, and Katherine Magnuson
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Issue 2. Tax and Transfer Programs

A Universal Child Allowance: A Plan to Reduce Poverty and Income Instability
Among Children in the United States
H. Luke Shaefer, Sophie Collyer, Greg Duncan, Kathryn Edin, Irwin Garfinkel,
David Harris, Timothy M. Smeeding, Jane Waldfogel, Christopher Wimer, and
Hirokazu Yoshikawa

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Cash for Kids
Marianne P. Bitler, Annie Laurie Hines, and Marianne Page
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

A Targeted Minimum Benefit Plan: A New Proposal to Reduce Poverty Among
Older Social Security Recipients
Pamela Herd, Melissa Favreault, Madonna Harrington Meyer, and
Timothy M. Smeeding

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Reforming Policy for Single-Parent Families to Reduce Child Poverty
Maria Cancian and Daniel R. Meyer
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Reconstructing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to More Effectively Alleviate Food Insecurity in the United States
Craig Gundersen, Brent Kreider, and John V. Pepper
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

A Renter’s Tax Credit to Curtail the Affordable Housing Crisis
Sara Kimberlin, Laura Tach, and Christopher Wimer
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

The Rainy Day Earned Income Tax Credit: A Reform to Boost Financial Security
by Helping Low-Wage Workers Build Emergency Savings
Sarah Halpern-Meekin, Sara Sternberg Greene, Ezra Levin, and Kathryn Edin
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Issue 3. Employment, Education, and Family Planning

Coupling a Federal Minimum Wage Hike with Public Investments to Make Work
Pay and Reduce Poverty
Jennifer Romich and Heather D. Hill
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

A Path to Ending Poverty by Way of Ending Unemployment: A Federal Job Guarantee
Mark Paul, William Darity Jr., Darrick Hamilton, and Khaing Zaw
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Working to Reduce Poverty: A National Subsidized Employment Proposal
Indivar Dutta-Gupta, Kali Grant, Julie Kerksick, Dan Bloom, and Ajay Chaudry
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

A “Race to the Top” in Public Higher Education to Improve Education and
Employment Among the Poor
Harry J. Holzer
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Postsecondary Pathways Out of Poverty: City University of New York Accelerated Study in Associate Programs and the Case for National Policy
Diana Strumbos, Donna Linderman, and Carson C. Hicks
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

A Two-Generation Human Capital Approach to Anti-poverty Policy
Teresa Eckrich Sommer, Terri J. Sabol, Elise Chor, William Schneider,
P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Mario L. Small,
Christopher King, and Hirokazu Yoshikawa

Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Could We Level the Playing Field? Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives,
Nonmarital Fertility, and Poverty in the United States
Lawrence L. Wu and Nicholas D. E. Mark
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

Assessing the Potential Impacts of Innovative New Policy Proposals on Poverty
in the United States
Christopher Wimer, Sophie Collyer, and Sara Kimberlin
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

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