Visiting Scholar Richard Ashby Wilson On Prosecuting Incitement and Hate Speech

November 22, 2017

Source: Cambridge University Press

Visiting Scholar Richard Ashby Wilson (University of Connecticut) recently gave a talk at Open Society on his new book, Incitement to Trial. In the book, Wilson examines the efforts of international criminal tribunals to hold perpetrators of hate speech accountable for atrocities that occur as the result of that speech. He was joined for the discussion by international criminal and human rights law expert Marko Milanovic; Nadine Strossen, a former head of the ACLU; and Aryeh Neier, president emeritus of the Open Society Foundations. 

During his time in residence at RSF, Wilson is studying similar legal questions pertaining to incitement and hate speech in the U.S. Drawing from social psychology, anthropology, and three original surveys on hate speech in the U.S. and the Balkans, he will explore the extent to which some forms of speech create greater tolerance of violent behavior. He will then construct a practical matrix which can be used in law and policymaking to evaluate the likelihood that inciting speech will result in violence.

Listen to the talk above or visit Open Society.


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