Henry Farber

Princeton University

Research Initiative:

Henry Farber, the Hughes-Rogers Professor of Economics at Princeton University, will pursue three studies on: (1) the effect of the decline of unions in the economy on the wages of non-union workers; (2) strategic behavior in union representation elections; and (3) the labor supply of New York City taxi drivers. Most work on the decline of unions in the U.S. has focused on union workers. Most workers are not unionized, however, and Farber hypothesizes that the long-term decline of unions has had substantial effects on these workers as well. In his second study, Farber will study data on over 120,000 union elections supervised by the National Labor Relations Board between 1972 and 2001, as a representative example of strategic voter behavior and turnout. Finally, his study of the labor supply of New York City taxi drivers will challenge and extend recent work on the same topic by developing a different conceptual and statistical framework and applying them to newly collected data.


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